Sennheiser ie8 headphones Review

Sennheiser ie8 headphones are simply amazing. It’s no wonder why Sennheiser made these headphones their flagship product for the ie series. These headphones mark a milestone in the development of ear-canal headphones.

Sennheiser has designed the ie8 with their unique technology. What does this mean?…well it means the user of the ie8 can precisely fine-tune the bass response in accordance to his or her liking.

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Sennheiser ie8 – No more flimsy headphone cables!

The strength and flexibility of the cable for the Sennheiser ie8 is also of top quality. Why do I mention this?. Well I have reviewed other headphones in the past where the headphones themselves were amazing, but the cable let the product down. If you have weak cabling then it is more likely that you will get a wiring fault on daily use of your headphones.

Sennheiser ie8 – what is Kevlar?

However, this is not the case with the ie8. Sennheiser has re-enforced the cable for these headphones with Kevlar. So what is Kevlar?.. Kevlar is a heat resistant synthetic fibre of high strength, which use to be used as a replacement part for steel in racing tyres. This means that an owner of the Sennheiser ie8 headphones should have no problems what-so-ever with wiring. Click Here to find out what other customers have to say about the Sennheiser ie8 headphones.

Sennheiser ie8 allows full customization!

The cable for the Sennheiser ie8 is also available in different lengths and configurations just to give that added custom feel and comfort for the owner. But it’s worth mentioning that they are detachable too, which means if an owner really wanted, they can use their own custom cable with the ie8 headphones.

The buyer of the ie8 will also find that these headphones come with a variety of ear adaptors. These adaptors offer a high noise attenuation of up to 26 db but most importantly the headphones will sit flush and be comfortable providing you choose the right tip.

I used the hard foam ones since they gave me the best isolation and sound quality, although there are several others to choose from. But if you use the foam tips, and you find the bass a little too ‘much’, just pull them out a fraction from the ears.

Sennheiser has also managed to kit out the case for the ie8 with replaceable dry salt pads. The purpose of these pads are to keep the humidity of your headphones at a constant level.

Why? well because sometimes when people use headphones you will find that they can become exposed to sweat during use.

The ie8 can be used with a variety of different devices as it comes with a 3.5mm standard plug-in. Which means you can use these headphones on AV devices like your MP3’s, DVD and CD players, iPods, iphone’s, Laptops etc…

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